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an immersive listening party

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Remixed is a listening party for one, performed across geography and time in a collective experience. Together, we travel down the spine of change. Each audience member receives their own playlist of stories, personalized by our algorithmic DJ, and a party gift for use during the performance. 


Five years in the making, Remixed gathers stories from all over the globe to explore how we instigate change in our lives, in our communities, and in the world. These pivotal moments are as different as the people who lived them, yet threads of connection emerge. Our experiences of change divide and connect us. In Remixed, we’re listening for the sound of change, and we invite you to join us. What happens when we listen to each other? 


We’re finding new ways to be with our communities by designing a playful hybrid of local geography and digital experience. Remixed is an offering to our local communities, and an attempt to create and share together, even when we are apart. 



Director/Producer: Sarah Conn

Dramaturg/Collaborator: Laurel Green

Installation Design: Allison O’Connor

Original Music: Simon Labelle 

UX/UI & Graphic Design: Véronique Claude

Backend Development: Julien Desautels

Mobile Development: Guillaume Saindon

Decade Music Curation: AL Connors

Remixed's development is supported by: the Undercurrents Festival’s Underdevelopment Program, Artengine, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the City of Ottawa.