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What brings us together

Our work is an evolving creative investigation of individual and collective change rooted in personal lived experiences. All elements of our work are co-created with local communities. Through form and process, we dismantle barriers to participation and engagement in order to create new relationships between artists and audiences across a range of genres, experiences and perspectives.


We believe in the need to reimagine where and how we engage with art. To that end, we create installations for theatre and galleries, as well as non-traditional spaces. Our work has been presented in public squares, parks, beside train stations, overlooking the ocean, inside city halls, and more. Our installations are characterised by modularity and scalability, allowing us to tailor each iteration to the space and context we are in.


Our performances are participatory: audiences are guided by artists, fellow community members, physical structures, or technology. Each invitation offers playful negotiations of agency, dissensus, and choice. We aim to encourage everyone to see themselves as creative beings.


We create immersive and multi-layered experiences with multiple entry-places and points of impact for community members in the development process including consultation, research, creative invitations, and more. We bring together collaborators from across disciplines, and the result is pieces that are rigorously and passionately debated and crafted. More than anything else, we want to create beautiful spaces where we listen deeply, co-exist thoughtfully, and transform collectively.

Our work tours nationally and internationally, visiting communities across Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and beyond. We collaborate with community groups including the Parkdale Food Centre, Ottawa Seed Library, Orange Shirt Day Victoria, and Wellspring Alberta.​

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