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A technology-enabled deep listening experience that explores how we instigate change.

What does it take to make meaningful change in our lives, communities and world?

Remixed is a deep listening experience about how we instigate change in our lives, communities, and world.

In 2016, we began our investigation into change with the self-titled performance installation Trophy, which brought communities together to share stories of the experiences that shaped them. From these insights, we wanted to build a creative platform that could activate transformation more directly by connecting even more people through the power of storytelling and technology. Remixed is the result. As a tech-enabled artistic experience, we engage people around the world in a shared reflection of how we are all potential drivers of change.

During the experience, listeners interact with our custom app on their personal mobile devices, and respond to questions that reveal each person’s relationship to change. Their responses to a series of playful questions reveal their relationship to change, which our purpose-built algorithm uses to craft a personalised digital experience within the app. Each participant receives a custom audio playlist and a custom visualisation of the plant life cycle that guides them through the piece.


Each playlist is composed of true stories of change interspersed with ambient audio, curated music, and narrative prompts. It is designed to invite deep listening and reflection about how change moves through participants’ own lives. Each story connects participants to a real person sharing an experience from their life, and evokes a sense of place, space, and presence. Weaving the personal with the collective, the stories range from personal to systemic change, and feature voices from around the world that reflect the full spectrum of transformation. There are 210,600 possible playlist variations.

Together, the installation and web app consider the coexistence of technology and nature as a singular ecosystem.

Remixed can be experienced remotely or in-person. Both versions are currently touring, visiting theatres, galleries, and non-traditional venues across Canada.


Record your
story of change

Remixed’s call for story contributors is open to anyone around the world, and there is no deadline. For more information and to submit your story, click the button below.

Audio and video submissions are welcome. Currently, we are looking for stories told in English and French, but if you’re interested in sharing in a different language, please reach out to
Record your story

Experiencing Remixed

Remixed’s in person version is designed for contemplation of individual experiences within a collective, linking personal change with social change and exploring how individual choices are cumulative.


Participants enter an immersive garden-inspired environment featuring oversized kinetic flowers that transform through accelerated plant growth cycles: growing, blooming, and then returning to seed. Projection refracts off silver clouds, filling the room with organic textures that trace the floor between participants. Hung fabric creates nooks so participants can choose their level of privacy.


Remixed operates in a durational model in which participants can begin the experience at any point during a predetermined window. The installation is modular and scalable, and it can be tailored to most spaces.

If you’re participating in Remixed: Bring a smartphone and headphones. Our device guide identifies compatible devices and how to set your phone up. It’s easy, but it takes a moment or two, especially if you have an older phone. Wifi is provided.

Small acts assemble the show but also re-assemble ourselves, sending us off into the world with a sense of our own potential.

Dramaturgies of Participation



  • Director and Producer Sarah Conn

  • Dramaturg & Collaborator Laurel Green

  • Environmental Installation Concept & Flower Sculpture Designer Allison O’Connor

  • Projection & Cloud Installation Designer Michaela van Beinum

  • Lighting Instrument Designer Guillaume Saindon

  • Assistant Lighting Instrument Designer Alexis Gagnon-Clément

  • Electrical Designer Michaela van Beinum

  • UI/UX, Graphic Designer Véronique Claude

  • Software Engineer Miceal Gallagher

  • Web Developer Kieran Dunch

  • Backend Developer Julien Desautels

  • In-App and Performance Sound Designer & Collaborator Nancy Tam

  • Assistant Sound Designer Charlie Cooper

  • Decade Music Curation AL Connors

  • Creative Makers Robert Simoneau, Kris Van Loon, Madison O’Connor, Robert O’Connor

  • Disability Dramaturg Shay Erlich

  • Consultants Hosan Lee, Mutual Design (Lead: christian scott), Frankie Latour




Remixed is being developed thanks to the support of Artengine, In the Soil Arts Festival, the undercurrents festival’s under development program, the City of Ottawa, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ottawa Seed Library.

Our story gathering partners include the Parkdale Food Centre, Wellspring Calgary, Orange Shirt Day Victoria, and Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers. To contribute your story to our archive, visit our Get Involved page.



Remixed is currently in beta. The remote and in-person versions are touring, visiting theatres, galleries, and non-traditional venues across Canada.

  • IN-PERSON: Intrepid Theatre’s Incoming Festival (Victoria BC 2023)

  • IN-PERSON: In the Soil Arts Festival (St Catharines ON 2022)

  • REMOTE: Third Shift Festival (St Johns NB 2021)

  • REMOTE: undercurrents festival (Ottawa ON 2021)

  • REMOTE: Nocturne: Art at Night (Halifax NS 2020)

  • REMOTE: In the Soil Arts Festival (St Catharines ON 2020)

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