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Trophy presents


An immersive

listening experience

All that you touch you change.

All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change.

Octavia Butler


Remixed is a deep listening experience that contemplates how we make change in our lives, communities, and world. You will receive your own playlist of music, narrative prompts, and true stories of transformation from all over the globe, personalized by our algorithmic DJ and experienced via our custom web app. 


Remixed brings you to people sharing intimate stories of change – tucked into kitchens, on their lunch breaks, overlooking parks — your playlist evokes a sense of place, space, and presence. Weaving the personal with the collective, this polyphonic choir invites you to tune in to how change moves through your own life. 


In Remixed, we’re listening for the sounds of change.

This project is the latest manifestation of Trophy, an evolving and award-winning creative investigation into individual and collective change rooted in the personal lived experiences of communities across the globe. Remixed was created by our creative team in collaboration with change-makers and community members across Canada and beyond.

Record Your Story
of Change
For Remixed

Remixed’s call for story contributors is open to anyone around the world, and there is no deadline. For more information and to submit your story, click the button below.

Audio and video submissions are welcome. Currently, we are looking for stories told in English and French, but if you’re interested in sharing in a different language, please reach out to

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Inspired by a growing collection of Trophy stories...


Trophy is born! 5 glowing tents appeared in the middle of a cold rainy street for Nuit Blanche Ottawa, each holding a dear friend sharing a true story of change from their lives. Our tents overflowed with audiences, who cozied up to explore what it takes to make change in our lives and in the world.


Several years of touring Trophy across Ontario culminated in our largest iteration to date for the National Arts Centre’s Canada Scene Festival. 150 tents, 150 community members of all walks of life sharing intimate stories of change, and thousands of audience members who transformed our tents in multicoloured living monuments to change.


Trophy continued to evolve, criss-crossing Canada and Europe over the course of 15 tours. Our tents appeared in parks, closed down streets, overlooked oceans, tucked into city halls, and illuminated public squares. Hundreds of people of diverse lived experiences and backgrounds shared stories of the moments in their lives when everything changed. Trophy continues to tour to this day (visit our Events page to learn about upcoming presentations).


Inspired by our growing collection of Trophy story recordings and the desire often expressed by audiences, presenters and storytellers to hear stories from other Trophy performances, we began work on Remixed. While Trophy acknowledged experiences of change, Remixed is an urgent search to identify how we instigate change. Showings of the remote version have been presented at the undercurrents festival (Ottawa ON), In the Soil Arts Festival (St Catherines ON), Third Shift (Saint John NB), and Nocturne (Halifax NS). The in-person version has been presented by the undercurrents festival (Ottawa ON) and In the Soil Arts Festival (St Catharines ON). Both versions continue to tour!

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Immerse yourself in our garden-inspired installation – a glowing ecosystem that breathes a life of its own. Listen in to your playlist on your personal mobile devices while surrounded by glowing kinetic sculptures in continual transformation. Projection and lighting visually guide the playlist, creating a heightened and collective experience.


Personal change is intricately linked with societal change, and each element of the performance creates subtle opportunities for interaction and connection. The installation’s movements conceal and reveal, creating a space of possibility.

Colorful Abstract Shape

The Scenes

Remixed was created by the following artistic team in collaboration with change-makers and community members across Canada and beyond.


  • Director and Producer: Sarah Conn 

  • Dramaturg & Collaborator: Laurel Green

  • Environmental Installation Concept & Flower Installation Designer: Allison O’Connor

  • Projection & Cloud Installation Designer: Michaela van Beinum 

  • Lighting Designer: Guillaume Saindon

  • Assistant Lighting Designer: Alexis Gagnon-Clément

  • Electrical Designer: Michaela van Beinum

  • UI/UX, Graphic Designer: Véronique Claude 

  • Web Developers: Kieran Dunch, Miceal Gallagher

  • Backend Developer: Julien Desautels 

  • In-App and Performance Sound Designer & Collaborator: Nancy Tam 

  • Assistant Sound Designer: Charlier Cooper 

  • Decade Music Curation: AL Connors 

  • Creative Makers: Robert Simonea, Kris Van Loon, Madison O’Connor, Robert O’Connor

  • Disability Dramaturg: Shay Erlich

  • Consultants: Hosan Lee, Mutual Design (Lead: christian scott), Frankie Latour

Thank You!

Remixed is being developed thanks to the incredible support of Artengine, In the Soil Arts Festival, the undercurrents festival’s under development program, the City of Ottawa, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ottawa Seed Library.


Our story gathering partners include the Parkdale Food Centre, Wellspring Calgary, Orange Shirt Day Victoria, and Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers. To contribute your story to our archive, visit our Get Involved page.

RemixedPromo_INTREPID LOGO.png


The in-person version of Remixed will be presented at Intrepid Theatre’s inaugural Incoming Festival, in Victoria BC.


Friday May 5, 2023 @ 7PM

Saturday May 6, 2023 @ 2PM + 5PM

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