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Share Your Story

Have you made a change in your life, community or world? We want to hear from you! 

Do you have a story of change you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to hear from you! We encourage people of all backgrounds, races, genders, cultures, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations to reach out. No experience necessary. We’ll work with selected contributors to ensure you are comfortable and confident.

Our story archive is curated to reflect all facets of change: big to small, personal to systemic, funny to heartbreaking. The stories touch on a wide range of topics including identity, culture, love, belonging, work, health, survival, loss, dreams, and the transformative power of a good haircut.

Our storytellers include community activists, doctors, outreach workers, parents, children, death doulas, artists, CEOs, tarot card readers, apiarists, urban planners, military officers, small business owners, an anesthesiologist, and several opera singers.

Our archive evolves as new stories are added. We consider the stories in relationship with each other, and so new ones are selected in consideration of the rest of the archive. Our goal is to reflect the beautiful complexities of change as much as possible.



Share your story of change live in Trophy
Trophy is a performance installation of 15 hand-crafted tents, each with a local community member telling the true story of a turning point in their life. Stay tuned for our upcoming performances and calls to participate! 
Please be in touch if you need support or have any questions.



Record your story of change for Remixed.

Remixed’s call for story contributors is open to anyone around the world, and there is no deadline. For more information and to submit your story, please fill out the form below.

Audio and video submissions are welcome. Currently, we are looking for stories told in English and French, but if you’re interested in sharing in a different language, please reach out to

Submit Your Story

​Fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch to set up a brief call to learn more about you and your story, and answer any questions you may have about Remixed. 

Selected stories will be edited to 4 minutes in length and used anonymously (though your voice will be narrating). We offer an honorarium of $100 to those whose story is selected, as well as a copy of the final track.

How do you feel about change?
In general, does change happen to you or do you make it hppen?
Have you experienced a lot of change in your life?

Thank you for your submission! We'll be in touch soon.​ In the meantime, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions

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